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At Palm Beach Sports Medicine we take pride in being a truly One Stop Orthopedic Center.  With all of our Advanced Imaging options available right on site, we not only stay up to date with the latest in cutting edge technology but we get you on the road to recover quicker.  Suffering is optional, let us help!  


Call:  (561) 845-6000


At Palm Beach Sports Medicine,  cutting edge digital MRI radiology techniques such as 3D reconstruction and ultra sound imaging equipment are on site administered by expert technicians and reviewed by our Doctors.


Ultrasound technology provides the same non-invasive approach to accurately guiding injections with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that pain-relieving medications and/or growth factors are placed where they will do you the most good.


Digital radiography is the latest form of X-ray imaging and may represent the greatest technological advancement in medical imaging over the last decade.

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