Hand & Wrist Injuries

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Hand & Wrist Injuries

The potential for hand and wrist injuries is high (certainly for some occupations), since this area comprises of 27 bones, joints, cartilage, fingernails, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Any injury to this area has the potential for developing serious handicap, and therefore you should immediately consult a hand and wrist specialist at Palm Beach Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida.

Types of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can be cuts, fractures, dislocations, infections, burns, or injury due to high impact to the hand and wrist area. In very serious instances, a part or the whole hand could be amputated. The common hand and wrist injuries include injury to the fingers, nails, broken bones in the fingers, wrist and hand, and finger infections.


The main symptom will be pain in hand and wrist of the patient. The hand and wrist doctor will first conduct a visual examination of the affected part to see if there is swelling, discoloration, deformity, numbness, weakness, or bleeding. The doctor will also check to see the range of motion of the hand and wrist. Detailed X-ray and MRI scan might be ordered by the hand and wrist specialist to detect broken or chipped bones, and torn ligaments and tendons. Hand and Wrist Center Jupiter, Florida has the complete range of diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately diagnose the injury and prescribe an ideal treatment.


Treatment options will depend on the type of hand and wrist injuries. In cases of lacerations and puncture wounds, the foreign object is first removed and the wound is treated to prevent infections. For dislocations and fractures, the bones will be set right and the hand is immobilized in a cast. In cases of amputations, a team of hand and wrist surgeons will try to attach the part back if it is available and is in fantastic condition.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery will be required when there is extensive damage to the hand, there are broken bones, torn ligaments, or when fingers have been amputated. Hand and Wrist Center West Plan Beach has the best facility for performing all types of hand surgeries.

The Complexity of Wrist Injuries

Many people suffer from wrist pain, which can be caused due to strain or sprain of the wrist area, or due to fracture of bones in the wrist joint. The wrist joint comprises of many small bones and small tendons, which increases the possibility of injuries.

Type of Wrist Injuries

There are several types of wrist injuries including CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), strain or sprain due to twisting the wrist abnormally, and conditions like gout and arthritis. CTS is very common wrist injury where there is swelling and tightening of around the median nerve causing pain.


Hand and wrist specialist will diagnose the problem by physical examination, testing the range of motion of the wrist and strength of grip, and by taking X-rays and MRI scan. Physical examination will reveal stiffness, discoloration, swelling, and tenderness, whereas the X-ray and scan can reveal broken bones and torn tendons. For nerve disorders, tests like electromyography are also conducted.


Course of treatment depends on the type and severity of the injury. For minor wrist sprains and strains, usually application of cold or hot compresses will be enough. In more severe cases the patient will have to wear a splint or brace to immobilize the area and reduce the swelling and pain. Medication is usually given to reduce swelling and pain.

Wrist Surgery

Hand and wrist specialist might recommend surgery when the injury is severe like a fracture or when there are torn ligaments. Hand and Wrist Center Jupiter, Florida hasthe best facility for conducting complex wrist surgeries.

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