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Foot & Ankle Injuries

Palm Beach Sports Medicine is your destination for treating foot and ankle pain, whether it’s caused by an acute injury or a slowly developing a chronic condition.

Among the most complicated structures of the body are the foot and ankle. Their numerous bones and joints are responsible for supporting all your body weight, and the simple act of walking puts incredible pressure on these bones and joints every day.

It’s no wonder, then, that if your feet hurt, most of your body is affected. And if your feet or ankles sustain an injury or develop painful inflammation, you need expert help, fast.

Treat your Foot and Ankle Injury in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida

At Palm Beach Sports Medicine, we can treat your foot and ankle problems with advanced techniques that start with a thorough understanding of your particular situation.

Foot and ankle injuries are quite common and mainly occur due to strain and overuse of the joints during sports and work related activities. Children mostly injure their feet, toes, or ankles during play or when they fall down, and such injuries are also very common among dancers, athletes, and gymnasts.

Older people suffer foot and ankle injuries, as aging causes loss of bone strength and muscle mass, which heightens the risk of fractures and other injuries. Arthritis is also a major factor in causing problems with the foot and ankle joints. Foot and ankle treatment West Palm Beach provides a range of effective options for curing and relieving pain.

Foot Injuries Defined

Foot injuries can result from penetration of an object, direct impact to the foot, from a fall, or by jerking, bending, or jamming the limb in an abnormal manner. Puncture wounds raise the risk of infections, whereas injuries to ligaments, tendons, and bones can be quite severe.

Types of Foot Injuries

Our entire body weight rests on our feet and this is the proof that feet are prone to injuries. The types of foot injuries increasing every year are Cuboid Syndrome, Trench Foot, Fracture, Foot drop and broken foot.


Foot and ankle injuries are usually diagnosed by visual inspection of the affected part, taking X-rays, and performing a scan. Visual inspection will reveal inflammation, bruising, cuts, puncture wounds, or infections on the feet. X-rays and scans are required to diagnose broken bones, hairline cracks, torn ligaments, and tendons.

Foot Injury Treatment

Foot injury treatment will mainly depend on the type, location, and severity of the injury. At the Foot and Ankle Treatment Center Jupiter, Florida, a foot and ankle specialist will conduct various tests to accurately diagnose the problem, and provide an effective foot and ankle treatment procedure.


Certain serious foot and ankle injuries like broken bones and torn ligaments might require surgery, which has to be performed by specialist foot and ankle surgeons. At Foot and Ankle Treatment Center West Palm Beach, you can access the best surgeons in the field.

Ankle Injuries Defined

Ankle injuries may not always be sports activity related, as simply walking down an uneven path can cause a severe sprain. When you are standing or walking, the whole weight of your body rests on the ankle joint, and hence there is always some risk of injury. Ankle injuries are quite common in people of any age; however, men usually are at a higher risk of spraining their ankle than women.

Types of Ankle Injuries

An ankle injury can be a strain, sprain, or fracture. The ankle joint is comprises of bones, ligaments, or tendons that can be damaged due to tripping, twisting, falling, impact, or landing awkwardly after a jump.


Ankle injuries are diagnosed by visual inspection, considering the level of pain and mobility, and by taking X-rays and MRI scan. Examination could be painful as the foot and ankle specialist will have to move the ankle in different ways to find the ligaments that are hurt or torn. If the doctor suspects broken or chipped bones, he will order an X-ray or an MRI scan. Foot and Ankle Treatment Center Jupiter Florida has the complete range of sophisticated equipment for making an accurate diagnosis.

Ankle Injury Treatment

Treatment will mainly depend on the severity of the injury. For a low sprain, rest and application of ice to bring the swelling down is usually enough. Bandages, compression dressings, and ace-wraps may be used to immobilize the joint and provide required support. Sometimes, a cast brace or short leg cast could be applied for a couple of weeks to ensure proper healing.


Surgery is sometimes required for ankle injury treatment, especially when there are torn ligaments or chipped bones. The Foot and Ankle Treatment Center West Palm Beach have specialist foot and ankle surgeons for conducting the procedure safely and efficaciously.

Palm Beach Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center doctors and physical therapy department will work closely together to design a treatment plan that will speed your rehabilitation so you can get back on your feet and enjoy all your favorite activities.

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Foot & Ankle Injuries

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