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Specializing in joint replacements of the shoulder knee and hip!

Shoulder pain can come from the bones that make up the shoulder joint and can be a cause for concern among players of all ages.

Hand injuries can be cuts, fractures, dislocations, infections, burns, or injury due to high impact to the hand and wrist area. 

Among the most complicated structures of the body are the foot and ankle.

Injuries to the Hip
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Palm Beach Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping you select the most conservative approach to relieving joint pain, but sometimes a joint is so damaged that joint replacement surgery is your best option.

Neck and back pain are the most common complaints that send people to their doctors’ offices, and the most costly in terms of lost productivity in the workplace.

PRP is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive method of delivering a patient’s own growth factors to energize the body’s healing mechanism and stimulate new, healthy cell growth in bones and soft tissue.

Surgery involving joints can often be performed with minimally invasive techniques. 

Thanks to ultrasound technology, we can identify problems in both small and large joints and, in many cases, provide therapeutic injections into those joints on the same day in our comfortable and private treatment rooms.

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